Founded in 1965, North Toronto Moms Group is a volunteer-led group supporting moms and families in our local community and across the city of Toronto.


Our Mission

North Toronto Moms Group is a non-profit organization that offers social activities for Toronto area moms.  Our members include mothers-to-be, stay-at-home moms, women on maternity leave and moms who work full-, part- and flexible-time.

North Toronto Moms Group meets weekly to listen to a variety of engaging guest speakers, while enjoying coffee, snacks, and the company of other moms. Childcare is available during the meeting times. We also organize playgroups for babies of the same age, which is the best way to get to know other moms. Social events in the evenings allow us to connect in a different setting.

It’s not all about diapers and baby food. It’s about connecting with other moms, building and sharing your knowledge and experiences, and making lasting relationships that will continue to support you, your family and our community.

“I thought mom’s groups chatted about diapers and baby food mostly, but this group is a dynamic mix of interesting women who I enjoy connecting with on everything from work, travel, life and more.”
— Moms Member