"A thoughtful act or kind word may pass in a moment but, the warmth and care behind it stay in the heart forever."

So true, and that is what our Helping Hands program is all about. This program began in 2003 at MOMS group and has been a real help to many of our moms since. Why? Well, let's face it, life as a mom is busy, tiring and wonderful all at the same time. It's hard enough to get things done on a typical day — there are only 24 hours, and you only have 2 hands, 1 brain and a to-do list that is 5 feet long. When life throws you a curve ball, managing your days can become very difficult, overwhelming and sometimes impossible. That is where we come in.

We are a "big city" MOMS group operating with "small town" principles. It is what makes our group special and something that we are very proud of. When another mom is going through a difficult time, it is easy for us all to relate. That is why it is important that we give support to anyone in our group when they need it most by taking the pressure off of dinner-time and delivering 5 delicious meals (or as needed).


Who do we help?

- Moms who have suffered an unfortunate personal loss.

- Moms who become ill.

- Moms who have a sick child.

- Moms who are having any kind of difficult time, extreme or not.

- Each time one of our moms gives birth, we arrange to have meals delivered to them. Sometimes they need the meals right after they come home and sometimes it is more helpful to have them provided later.

How the program works

If you are a mom who could use some support, contact our Helping Hands Coordinator and talk about your situation and how we can best help. You can say as little or as much about your situation as you want. Anything said will be held in the strictest of confidence. The Coordinator will organize the volunteers and set things in motion.

If you know someone in MOMS Group who could use some support and have either talked to them about Helping Hands or know they would accept and appreciate some support, contact the Helping Hands Coordinator to organize something.

Please use this program. Do not think your situation is trivial or that you are putting anyone out. Our MOMS group is full of women who really care about each other and want to help.

To find out who the current Helping Hands Coordinator is, please email info@northtorontomoms.com.