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Professional Organizing with Declutterfy

Jane is a Toronto based professional organizer and lover of cats, books, coffee, and of course organizing! Unlike other professional organizers, Jane does not feel that she was born a “natural organizer.” Like most of her clients, she struggled with the stress and anxiety that comes with living in a cluttered home well into her adulthood. Finally in her early 30s she decided an orderly home was a priority for her and began to learn and implement organizing techniques and principles in her own life. She found that an organized home worked therapeutic wonders on her mental health and decided she needed to pass on her knowledge to others! Since then Jane has received organizing training with the Professional Organizers of Canada and currently helps others create their own functional and peaceful spaces.

Jane's methods include teaching individuals how to make mindful decisions when letting go of clutter, creating organizing solutions tailored to people's lifestyles and learning preferences, and coaching folks on developing new habits that allow them to maintain organizing systems.

Her workshop will address the negative effects of clutter on mental health as well as the many benefits of having an organized home. She will offer tips and tricks for moms of young children on how they can realistically begin their journey to becoming organized. Jane will be happy to answer any questions at the end of her presentation!



Instagram: @declutterfy.ig


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