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Catherine Ciardulli, RECE, Programming Director, North Toronto Early Years Learning Centre

Are you pulling at your hair trying to understand your child's "misbehaviour"?

Catherine Ciardulli will join us to lead a talk/workshop about Understanding the Goals of Misbehaviour. Catherine is a Registered Early Childhood Educator and Programming Director at the North Toronto Early Years Learning Centre. Her school implements a "Positive Education" approach, teaching social-emotional skills alongside academic skills, and is located in the Yonge/Lawrence area.

Misbehaviour is a strategy used by children to communicate that they are experiencing a social problem. Because young children do not have the life skills to communicate this, they use their body, words and behaviour. Once we understand what is motivating a child to misbehave we can start to help the child achieve their goal through a positive means. This workshop will explore the goals of misbehaviour and how to help children develop the intrinsic motivation to want to cooperate.