Please read and respect the following guidelines so that everyone can enjoy their Tuesday morning to the fullest!

Please review all registration materials and the information on this website, especially the information here regarding childcare. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a member of the executive.

Kindly keep strollers parked neatly to the right of the Ridley Street entrance so as to keep the fire exit clear.

Please don't park in the church parking area.

Please take off all wet/dirty footwear when you arrive and leave it in the coat rack area in the hallway before entering the meeting room.

Remember to bring your own hot beverage cup with secure lid.  We are responsible for damage to the church. Please be very careful with coffee/tea and inform us of all spills at the end of each meeting.

Please do not bring a sick child.

Remember to pay for childcare each week if you have not already pre-paid.

Remember to sign in your child, and also sign them out.  The whereabouts of all children must be recorded accurately so that attendance can be taken in the event of a building evacuation.

For safety reasons (e.g., spilling of hot beverages), to provide moms with ‘mom-only’ time and to minimize disruption for our speakers, only young infants (under four months) are permitted in the MOMS meeting room, provided that they are not being disruptive -- though you are welcome to use our childcare for your baby if you wish as there is no minimum age for babysitting.  Please use our wonderful childcare for all babies that are four months or older. 

If you have your baby with you in the MOMS meeting room, please step out of the room for a few minutes if he/she becomes fussy to minimize disruptions.

Please do not leave soiled diapers in the church. Bring a plastic bag and take that little present home with you.

Be sure to read the Fire Safety Procedures so that you understand your role in the event of an emergency.